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For more than 20 years, we have been designing and manufacturing electric actuators to automate almost every type of quater-turn valve, including specific applications.

We value our customerís satisfaction which leads us to develop adapted products. Indeed, we are committed to provide effective actuators, by having the highest consideration to the market expectations. In our R&D department, we are using powerful 3D modelling software in order to meet these requirements.

We tested all our type of actuators up to 50,000 strokes at the maximum torque and duty rating to authorize their manufacturing. These extreme conditions cover by far end users application. IP protection, Electromagnetic conformity and European Equipment directive (Machine safety) have been certified by an official COFRAC listed testing laboratory. Other approvals are available: ATEX (VRX and VSX), CSA (VRA and VSA) and EAC.

All our electric actuators are manufactured, assembled at our own plant in Moirans, France.
They are individually tested:
  - Torque testing,
  - Function testing.
  - End position setting (including limit switches adjustment).

While keeping the customer in the center of our core values, Valpes has been implementing a Lean production process for 3 years. This enables our Company to keep on improving our products, quality, reactivity and flexibility in order to meet market needs.

All our team is committed to meet customerís satisfaction.

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